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Mining Engineering

Houses, roads, drains and other infrastructure.

Mining Engineering is a specialised field in geotechnical engineering. Mining is the act of extracting coal and metal bearing rocks and minerals (ore) from mines. Mining engineering deals exclusively with the extraction and processing of ore, unlike geotechnical which can consider any aspect of earth materials. A mining engineer is used from the discovery of mineral deposits to design and analyse the mining site. Mining engineers are mostly in offices where they analyse data from drilling and geological reports before planning and designing the site. Occasionally they will visit the site either to supervise or inspect the progress of a project. Students are trained in CAD and finite element software, where they learn mechanical design skills to solve problems.

One downside is the remote location of mining sites, usually requiring lengthy travel and extended working time (such as 8 days on, 8 days off work). Mining engineers are amongst the highest paid in the world and are multi-skilled in many areas of engineering.