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Construction Engineering

Houses, roads, drains and other infrastructure.

Construction engineering is the management and delivery of construction projects. Construction is considered to be any building projects used for residential or commercial applications. Civil engineers that are educated in the field of construction management are classified as construction engineers. They are required to plan construction activities, supervise structural elements and inspect the building upon completion. Construction engineers work with architects and engineering technicians on building design and on-site problem solving. Construction engineers also compile reports which detail the cost feasibility and estimation of the project.

Use of Computer Aided Design software is common, although not to the same extent as a structural engineer. Construction engineers combine project management skills and mathematical knowledge. Construction engineers may specialise in residential housing, bridges, skyscraper, industrial warehouses or any other infrastructure that exists. The health of the construction industry in each country determines the demand for construction engineers. Their unique skill set ensures that they are highly sought after in most countries.