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Audio and Sound Engineering

Dynamics, machines and processes.

Audio engineering is responsible for the mixing and reproduction of sounds. While audio is a broad term, in the case of engineering it relates to the music and entertainment industry. Sound engineers are commonly referred to as sound technicians, even though their roles differ slightly. The technical side of music recording includes setting up all equipment (e.g. microphones) and ensuring it all works together without issues. This is the job of the sound technician. While a sound engineer may be involved in setting up the hardware in the studio, they usually mix the recorded sounds with digital effects.

They work closely with music producers to create clean and enhanced sounds. Graduates of sound engineering are also provided with the skills to be able to manage audio projects and supervise a team of sound technicians. Audio engineers often work in recording studios. Given enough experience and a good reputation, an engineer is capable of opening their own studio or production company. Obviously, a passion for music is a must for success in this industry.