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What is Transportation Engineering

Transportation EngineeringTransportation Engineering is dedicated to the improvement of transportation vehicles and logistics. Transportation of people, goods and structures are all targeted by this discipline. Engineering of transportation is divided by managing the current systems and researching new technologies to improve transport in industrialized countries.

Engineers in this field spend most of their time planning and managing the various tasks that come together to make transport occur. They cast an eye to the future and consider the needs of society and how transport will affect their lives. Graduates are trained in identifying structural integrity of roads and obtain a basic understanding of vehicle propulsion and maintenance.

You also have the option of specialising in a particular mode of transport such as air, road, pedestrian or rail. The sub-disciplines of Transportation Engineering cater for these differing modes; Highway, Traffic and Railway Engineering. Many Government bodies employ Transport Engineers to work on projects and safety investigations. Private transportation companies also hire teams of Engineers to maintain efficiency and reduce the costs of their vehicles and systems.