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What is the biggest mistake Engineering Students make


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The biggest mistake students make is sitting in the grey area of indecision in regards to their degree. The common predicaments for students is that when faced with the heavy workload and inherent difficult in the early stages of Engineering, many will drop out before they even get to see what it is about. The first 6-12 months is the most painful as you are still unsure of where you fit and you don’t really see the big picture of where Engineering will fit in your life. As you progress through the subsequent years the subjects become more interesting and your skill set develops to a point that you can start to grab hold of real problems and situations to apply your skills. But you have to get to that stage first. And many students pull away as soon as they face some resistance and difficulty. If the concept of Engineering still seems interesting for you and you chose it for strong reasons (you like maths/physics, solving problems etc) then we recommend that students persist for at least 6 months before deciding to drop out.

The other position that is common for some students is completely following through with their Engineering Degree when they know that they will not practice as an Engineer or put this skill set to use. There are some skills that are transferable to other areas of life, but going through 4-5 years of intense learning when your commitment to the Engineering craft is only lukewarm is not a wise choice. If you know that itss not for you then you should move on quickly. Both you and Engineering will be happier for it!