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What is Telecommunications Engineering

Telecommunications EngineeringTelecommunications Engineering is focued on the devices and mediums used to transmit communications information in the form of words, sounds or images over great distances. The main mediums a Telecommunications Engineers develops systems and solutions within are telephone, radio, television and the internet.

Project planning, supervising and organising and overseeing the installation of these devices are tasks that Telecommunications Engineers may perform as part of their daily duties. One of the most important skills that any good Telecommunications Engineer must have is in both digital and analog signal conditioning and processing. This is because all telecommunications are eventually (if not already) converted into electrical signals which can be modified, improved and enhanced.

Graduates of Telecommunications Engineering can specialise in any one of the following areas: GPS, internet, mobile networks and radio transmission. Telecommunications is a research area that is technically challenging and offers well paid contracts to those who excel at it. Telecommunication companies always seek out the services of engineers to develop their network base.