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Project Description

What is Social Engineering


Photo credit – Blue Coat Photos, CC

Social Engineering is a process that uses psychological manipulation to access important information that is used for stealing money or some type of personal gain. The person using the social engineering tactic will prey upon the weaknesses and good natured personality of someone who is unsuspecting of the attack. It has become more common as the internet has grown and spread throughout the World. Some popular types of social engineering tactics are:

  • Phising emails
  • Identity theft – Impersonating someones else
  • Hacking

The reason Engineering is used in this context is that a deep understanding of human psychology and social values is required to master this skill. It is extremely difficult for organisations to prepare against Social Engineering attacks since they cannot always monitor the thoughts and feelings of their employees.

Sometimes the activities of Government’s and Political parties can also be described as Social Engineering due to the way that social behaviour can be controlled through coordinated activities.