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What is Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering

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Petroleum Engineering is all about the production of fuel for vehicles and machinery. Petrol is created through the blending and refinement of hydrocarbons (crude oil and natural gas are the two most commonly used hydrocarbons). Petroleum Engineering is used to extract and refine these hydrocarbons in a safe and feasible way. It is categorized into the following three specialisations; drilling, reservoir and production. Petroleum Engineers work with geologists to determine the exact location of crude oil underground. They can also collaborate with them to determine the depletion rates of oil reservoirs. Much of this work is completed using software for simulation and analysis.

The skill set of Petroleum Engineering graduates is well rounded and contains aspects of many Engineering disciplines including economics, simulation, geophysics, data simulation, automation and sustainability.Engineers in this discipline are highly sought after due to the world’s reliance on using hydrocarbons as a fuel source. Many Petroleum Engineers work for some of the biggest companies in the world and, in most cases, are by far the best paid compared to other Engineering disciplines.