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What is Hydraulic Engineering

Civil EngineeringHydraulic Engineering is a specialised field within Environmental and Civil Engineering. Hydraulic systems are operated or fueled by the pressure of a fluid (e.g. water, oil etc.). Hydraulic Engineering deals with the technical challenges involved with water infrastructure and sewerage design. This discipline is really all about fluid flow and how it behaves in large quantities.

One main area of focus for Hydraulic Engineers is the design of water storage and transport facilities. Some examples include dams, channels, canals and lakes are all used to store and control water. Machinery which uses hydraulic power is also designed by Engineers in this discipline. Daily activities include designing structural elements that can withstand intense pressures.

Hydraulic Engineers use fluid dynamics theory to predict how flowing water interacts with its surroundings. Students learn how to use computational fluid dynamics software packages which allow for complex simulations of fluid flow. Typically, Hydraulic Engineers are required by utility companies for storm water and sewerage maintenance.