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What is Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is dedicated to the creation of strategies to protect and improve the Environment. The environment includes everything created by nature (air, water, flora and fauna). Environmental Engineering is used to maintain the quality of water, air and land. This discipline is very similar to Civil Engineering, however a greater emphasis is placed on sustainable practice, methods and results.

Environmental Engineers implement strategies to deal with pollution, waste management and noise levels. They conduct case studies and then create plans to prevent natural disasters and pollution. Most of their work is completed in an office, with a big emphasis on data analysis and statistics. Unlike other Civil Engineering disciplines, environmental engineers rarely use design or simulation software. Due to the complex environmental laws, graduates of this discipline tend to have a better handle on ethics and social problems. You must have a passion for the environment to work in this field.

Environmental Engineers are wanted for government projects and by parks departments. Some private companies utilize Environmental Engineers if their activities have a potential adverse effect on the natural environment. Consultancy work is another possibility, with many research positions opening up across Universities and private companies.