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What is Electronics Engineering

Eletronics EngineeringElectronics Engineering is involved with the development of small-scale electronic systems to transmit information. All electronic devices are powered from a battery or mains electricity source. Unlike the other disciplines within Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering deals exclusively with active electrical components. Active components of a circuit are designed by Electrical Engineers to add power (for example amplifiers).

The fundamental skill of an Electronics Engineer is their understanding of the flow of electricity (of electrons) in a circuit, enabling them to design circuit boards. They also design and develop device schematics and ensure compatibility of their devices with other electronic systems. A large quantity of their work includes testing components for quality and creating prototypes for clients.

With some experience, Electronics Engineers often move into project management., however many also work in product development and research. They are more than capable of starting their own consulting business or designing their own products. The majority of an Electronics Engineer’s time is spent in an office or laboratory working but can include occasional factory visits.