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Project Description

What is Electromechanical Engineering


Photo credit – Gina Clifford, CC

Electromechanical Engineering is an intimate mix of mechanical and electrical engineering. The key concept in this discipline is that a wire carrying current will create an invisible magnetic force whenever it is wrapped around a solid metal. This principle is the basic building block is the theory behind every electric motor that exists in our World. We could argue that this very principle has had the biggest impact in improving the convenience of the average persons life, prior to the creation of the internet. Almost every electrical appliance in your household is powered by the electromagnetic principle. It is now a cheap and reliable method of generating power safely.

An Engineer who specialises in this field will focus mainly on the development, testing and safety of electromechanical motors and devices. Since all motors are a combination of electrical parts (wiring, capacitors) and mechanical parts (shafts, bearings) being a specialist in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering is not enough.

When these two specialisations are merged together the Electromechanical Engineer is born.