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What is Ecological Engineering

Ecological engineering

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Ecological Engineering is a specialised field within the discipline of Environmental Engineering. Ecology is the study that is dedicated to the entire interaction between organisms and their environment, also known as ecosystems. Ecological Engineering involved the design, construction, monitoring, maintenance and preservation of ecosystems.

Depending on their preference, Ecological Engineers can choose to work on either natural ecosystems (which generally involves maintenance and preservation) or on artificial ecosystems (generally involves their design and construction).

As an example, schools of fish living in a natural lake is considered to be a natural ecosystem, and an Ecological Engineer will be concerned with the health of the fish and the impact of factors such as water quality and bacteria levels. An artificial ecosystem is one that has been purposely created to support new or existing organisms whose survival may be at threat (think of the shipwrecks which, over time, magically host and support all manner of organisms).