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What is Computer Engineering

terminalComputer Engineering is dedicated to the careful integration of software and hardware in computers. At its most basic, a computer is essentially an engine that performs computations (e.g. solving mathematical functions to calculate and organise information from data). The aim of a Computer Engineer is to create a harmonious relationship between the hardware and software to enable computers to work as designed.

A Computer Engineer can be involved in the design of sensors, circuit boards and even operating systems. Many of these are incredibly large-scale projects which requires Computer Engineers to work in teams and to collaborate with Software and Electronics Engineers. Computer Engineers spend the majority of their time dedicated to a strategic role to evaluate the trade-offs between hardware and software.

Computer Engineering graduates also possess business and management skills to assist in the delivery of effective computer systems at the lowest possible cost, or to meet a client’s needs. The main industries Computer Engineers are employed in include video games, defence and consumer electronics and various branches of information technology. Today, the widespread use of computer systems provide a multitude of career paths for Computer Engineers.