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What is Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is the application of natural sciences to clinical medicine. The biomedical field combines medical knowledge with the use of biotechnology to improve patient health care and life quality. The main way that it differs from Biological Engineering is that in Biomedical Engineering biology is strictly applied to medicine.

Biomedical Engineers work with doctors and researchers in the medical field to improve the equipment available to patients. The design of prosthetic limbs and joints, drugs and monitoring equipment are common tasks in this field. Engineers also develop X-Ray and MRI technology to allow a more accurate diagnosis of patient health issues.

Graduates of Biomedical Engineering are capable of using 3D modelling, simulation and data analysis software. Opportunities exist in hospitals, rehab facilities, sporting teams and research projects. In countries such as the US, it is the highest growing disciplines with numerous career options and it offers a good blend of lab work and human interaction.