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What is Acoustic Engineering

Acoustic EngineeringSound and vibration capture the attention of the Acoustic Engineer. Acoustics is the science of sound and also anything related to the organs used to perceive sound, so acoustic engineers are concerned with the manipulation and control of sound in the real world.

Noise monitoring and control is a significant area of acoustics, with many techniques used to reduce unwanted noise in an environment. The design of noise barriers, silencers and sound buffers are common approaches used by acoustic engineers. They also design and develop equipment used for testing and other acoustic devices such as amplifiers.

Some Acoustic Engineers even design the ambience of a room through the selection of certain construction and aesthetic materials and architectural features to reduce or enhance the overall sound. Some common examples of rooms that are to be acoustically designed include cinemas and concert halls. Most of the employment in this field is in private companies. Acoustic Engineers often work in a team as consultants when designing environments for the appropriate noise level.