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What is a Compliance Engineer

Who are they and what do they actually do? The details of Compliance Engineering


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Compliance Engineers are responsible for the safety of the public relating to consumer and industrial products. They achieve this by meeting Government regulations a for the companies they are employed or contracted by. The term compliance is often understood as a dry and boring task and it usually is (think compliance for banks, insurance companies etc.).

Engineering compliance merges the dry and tedious parts of Government regulations with general engineering principles and human risk factors, creating a challenging position. Actually this career path has a lot of grey areas in the interpretation of legal terms and can often be emotionally charged when safety issues arise in the public arena.

Cognitive processes & intelligence methods used: A compliance engineer is primarily performing verbal-linguistic and kinaesthetic functions and relies heavily on interpersonal skills when dealing Government bodies.

Skills that are needed to begin in this career path: There are no particular technical skills that are required to begin in this career path. Compliance engineers usually begin their careers in the testing or R&D fields where they gain a good grounding in product design and the safety features that are implemented in products.

Skills that are developed throughout this career path: The learning curve for compliance engineers is very step and seemingly never ending, such is the changing nature of public safety & Government legislation. Written skills, reasoning skills and general legal prowess are developed as the years of experience accumulate. A well experienced compliance engineer has a finger tip feel for how injuries of misuse and negligence develop and what strategies can be implemented to reduce them.

Individual or teamwork: Most work individually as freelances or within business units in a company. Some compliance engineers also work as consultants for testing bodies. The opportunity to create your own consulting business after 5+ years of experience is very good.

Similar Engineering careers:

  • It is a unique career path.

Usually compliance engineers will require some background as a:

  • Test Engineer
  • Research and Development Engineer

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