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Project Description

University: University of
Technology Sydney (UTS)
Location: Sydney, Australia
Fuel type: Unleaded Petrol (98)
Number of Students: 15
Engineering disciplines or other degrees: Mechanical-Mechatronics Engineering, IT, Nursing

UTS’s team leader Alex explained how their young team has come together this year.

Tell us about some of the students you have working in the team.
“Unfortunately we don’t really have any non-engineering students but we have a good mix. One guy in the team was out of high school and working as a tradesman then he decided to come back to uni to study engineering. He is doing quite well. We also have an electrical engineering student who was previously working as an electrician. We also had a nursing student that who just really enjoyed the project and ending up working on the body panels for a short period of time”

What were the initial goals set out by the team? How are the goals of your team reflected in the design of your car?
“We have a new team that has pretty much started from scratch this year. As a result we decided to run a second year car. Generally we tend to focus on build quality a lot which can bite us in the ass, but we got through scrutineering pretty much first time this year. We don’t like throwing a car together, we prefer to spend a bit of time on it.”

What are you most proud of about your team?
“We didn’t have a lot of knowledge transfer from last year so we spent the year focused on building and developing a strong team dynamic. Hopefully next year we can use this base to design and build our car from scratch.”

If you could have been gifted access to one of the following resources during the year, which would you choose and why? Money, time, students, knowledge?
“Definitely students. A team of 15 students with only 5 core group members is just not enough to tackle this project properly. As a small university we don’t have the huge number of students to choose from, however we have been able to retain more students and had less of them leave compared to previous years.

What is the single most important lesson you have learned during this project?
“Time management is the one that stands out. We didn’t achieve much in the first part of the year as the team structure just wasn’t there and we didn’t have much planning. From the mid point of the year we were much more organised and had regular meetings and deadlines to achieve. Once the right time management is put in place it makes everything much easier, although it is a pain for whoever has to organise it.”