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Project Description

University: University of
South Australia (UNISA)
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Fuel type: Unleaded Petrol (98)
Number of Students: 9
Engineering disciplines or other degrees: Mechanical-Civil Engineering

We caught up with team leader and final year student Trisarn, who was happy to discuss how their new team came together throughout the year.

Tell us a little about your team
“Most of the guys are in their first or second year of uni. I am the only final year student. We also have a civil engineering student who has recently joined the project. She just loves Motorsport and going fast. She is one of our drivers for the acceleration event and is doing really well.”

What were the initial goals set out by the team?
“This is a brand new team; no one has been to SAE competition before. None of the guys really knew what is was before this year. We got the nod by the Uni on the first of March to start the project and started designing it from there. We focused on reliability and just want to get through all of the events. Our set-up is really simple this year so we can use this car as a benchmark next year.”

What are some of the sacrifices the individuals in the team have had to make to get ready for this competition?
“Yeah it is tough for the guys trying to balance coursework and this project. We have had some late nights the past few days trying to get through tech inspection. Everybody on the team just loves Motorsport and enjoys swinging spanners and working on the car. It’s a good break from sitting in class.”

If you could have been gifted access to one of the following resources during the year, which would you choose and why? Money, time, students, knowledge?
“Definitely time for us, oh and money and students too (if only). Realistically if we had another three months we could iron out all the bugs and be really confident of performing well. It would ensure our reliability is high and we could really tidy up the content and presentation of our static events. We would just like to polish everything up a little more.”

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