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Project Description

University: University of Queensland (UQ)
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Fuel type: Unleaded Petrol (98)
Number of Students: 25
Engineering disciplines or other degrees: Mechanical Engineering / double degrees

We caught up with team member Ash who was happy to share his thoughts on the competition and his team.

On Attracting non-engineering students into the UQ team
“Being a successful team requires you to run the team as a business. Most of the bookeeping and marketing tasks are taken on board by the engineering students. Eventually we would like to phase in some marketing students. Its a shame they’re not as interested in cars as engineers are.”

Describe how the team aims to provide incentives for its members?
“We are looking at helping some of our team members by getting them work experience and job positions with our team sponsors instead of asking for traditional cash donations. Anything that can boost the morale of our students in the way of rewarding their effort is very important. The most common response by our students when asked what they want to get out of the SAE program is always, ‘we want to get a job’.”

At any point this year did you fear not making it to competition with a working car?
“There were a few times. We intended to have the car on track in August but it didn’t eventuate until September. We did a mock scrutineering run about a week ago and finished up with a full page of things to fix which was really daunting. It turned out to be our saving grace. We only had one issue today with tech inspection.”

If you could have been gifted access to one of the following resources during the year, which would you choose and why? Money, time, students, knowledge?
“Its a tough question. I can’t choose between money and time, they are the two that would make the most difference. A lot of our students have had to ask for academic grants to get down here this weekend.”