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Project Description

University: University of Newcastle
Location: Newcastle, Australia
Fuel type: Unleaded Petrol (98)
Number of Students: 10
Engineering disciplines or other degrees: Mechanical Engineering

Newcastle’s team leader Clint shared his thoughts on his teams chances for the weekend.

Tell us about the structure of your team
“We have a team of ten students, but only four people have done the bulk of the design work this year. The other guys have helped out with the bodywork. If you strip the bodywork off, there are four blokes that have built this car.”

Do you feel this is a disadvantage compared with some of the other teams?
“Not necessarily as there is a trade-off for each aspect of this competition. In the design event yesterday we did quite well as each of us has a good understanding of the overall design of the car. We don’t have the suspension guy only knowing about suspension, he can also talk about the powertrain and other aspects of the car. Ideally we would like to have more team members to take some pressure off the guys.”

How long have you been in the team? What was the first task given to you when you joined the team?
“I have been in the team for four yours now. I started off as a first year spanner monkey and now i’m leading the team and in charge of suspension. When I first started I was lucky to have a good team manager who knew how to target peoples skills and get them interested in the project. We like to teach the basics of the car to new students so they can quickly adapt their skills to the project without losing interest.”

What does your mum or girlfriend think of this project?
“My fiance’ realises that it’s more than just playing with a race car and has been the brunt of many vents during the year. Most of my friends don’t really understand it but you meet so many great people over the years. The community networking that happens with this event is not really spoken about but is extremely important. It’s something that we really want to push in future years to continue to grow the competition and develop our students as professional engineers.”