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Project Description

University: University of Melbourne
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Fuel type: E85
Number of Students: 25
Engineering disciplines or other degrees: Mechanical Engineering

We caught up with team leader Michael to discuss the University of Melbourne’s latest entry into the FSAE competition.

How did you improve on the university’s entry last year?
“We finished twelfth last year; however the year before we finished fourth. The engine and drive train are pretty much the same but we have made some simple, small improvements such as new folded steel upright designs on the wheels.”

What are some of the sacrifices the individuals in the team have had to make to get ready for this competition?
“So much effort has been put in to just get this car together; so many guys have made massive sacrifices – skipping classes, lower grades, etc. You’re pretty much there [in the garage/ lab] all night and your girlfriend is calling, asking where you are. But to get to this point where we are ready to go is pretty good!”

Explain how you have applied something you learned in coursework to this project?
“There’s definitely links; it’s the little things – simple modelling, such as fluid flow, helps you to figure out what will work. You begin to apply it [what you learnt] practically.”

Do you believe this competition will assist you in getting a job when you finish? Which industry would you like to work in?
“I’ve already got some interviews lined up at this stage; I mainly focused on the management side of the project. I’m looking to get into the field of project management.”