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Project Description

University: University of Adelaide
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Fuel type: Unleaded Petrol (98)
Number of Students: 22
Engineering disciplines or other degrees: Mechanical Engineering, Business

Team leader Jordan took some time to explain the changes made to this year’s car. He also detailed how he first got involved in the Formula SAE project.

“Reliability most definitely. We have had many problems with reliability issues over the past few years including the engine. This has resulted in some of our components being over engineered this year to ensure we can get through all of the driving events without too many hassles. This car is visually different to last years car. The change to the front bodywork is the most noticeable difference.”

How do you balance the technical and managerial aspects of your position?
“I tend to focus more on the technical side as it is my passion. I still have to organise and manage the project but it’s not my favourite part of the role. I have had some assistance from a second year student this year which has taken some of the pressure off. Ideally, the most experienced and technically capable person should spend most of their time designing the car rather than planning and organising.”

What was the first task given to you when you joined the team? Why did you decide to commit to the team?
“I was very proactive when I walked in the door. I had previously researched exhaust systems and decided that I wanted to focus on learning CAD (computer aided design). My first official project was the bodywork which was a great learning experience that I have been able to build on that over the past few years.”