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Project Description

University: Sophia University
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Fuel type: Unleaded Petrol (98)
Number of Students: 22-30
Engineering disciplines or other degrees: Mechanical Engineering, Business and Management

One of the few international teams competing at the event, we spoke with the team leader and driver Tetsuya to discuss the improvements in the car and the skills learnt by competing in the FSAE competition.

What were the initial goals set out by the team?
Sophia university didn’t compete in last year’s FSAE-A; however they finished third two years ago in this competition. When asked if they could do better than their previous entry, Tetsuya responded “maybe, I hope so.”

How did the team improve on the university’s entry last year?
Sophia University’s race car was “a big redesign,” with new aerodynamics, suspension and other packages developed during the year. A partnership with Swinburne allowed Sophia University to conduct further testing on their vehicles. Furthermore, the team will remain in Melbourne after the competition to utilise Monash’s wind tunnel facilities for further testing of the aerodynamic package of the vehicle.

Do you believe this competition will assist you in getting a job when you finish? Which industry would you like to work in?
This is Tetsuya’s fourth year participating in the F-SAE competition and is currently doing postgraduate students (masters). He would like to eventually work in motorsport or the automotive industry. Tetsuya believes participating in this competition will assist him to get a job and the experience teaches students about more than just engineering; such as “management, business and other things.”