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Sales Engineer

Who are they and what do they actually do? The details of Sales Engineering


Photo credit- Martin Abegglan, CC

Sales Engineers are the technical support needed to backup important negotiations between product managers and clients. In fact the term sales engineer is misleading because it implies that this person is the main person crafting the sales strategy and delivering the sale.

In most cases Sales Engineers are supporting the sale using their product expertise to influence the clients decision. An ability to convey complex technical knowledge into simple explanations in an engaging way is the defining characteristic of a Sales Engineer.

Cognitive processes and intelligence methods used: A Sales Engineer is primarily functioning using verbal-linguistic and interpersonal methods to communicate technical details to their clients and to build key relationships.

Skills that are needed to begin in this career path: There are no specific technical or practical skills needed for a career in Sales Engineering. A solid foundation of sales and communication skills are usually a pre-requisite.

Skills that are developed throughout this career path: While it is possible to enter the field with strong interpersonal skills and basic product expertise it is also acceptable to enter with product knowledge and develop the softer skills later on. Either way it is the merging of these two abilities and the flexibility it provides that is the great reward for Sales Engineers.

Individual or teamwork: Sales Engineers work within their own product categories and collaborate with sales people and product managers.

Similar Engineering careers:

  • None. Sales Engineering is a unique career.

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