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Project Description

University: RMIT
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Fuel type: Ethanol E85
Number of Students: 18
Engineering disciplines or other degrees: Mechanical-Aerospace-Manufacturing engineering, Accounting

We caught up with RMIT team leader Sammy, for a quick chat on his team and thoughts for the weekend.

How did you improve on the universities entry last year? 
“We had some reliability issue last year that we have been able to fix. We have also improved its performance capabilities with a new front suspension concept. During testing it has shown to be reliable and is putting down some good times. Hopefully that improves on our result of 6th overall last year.”

How has team morale changed throughout the year?
“Its been up and down all year and it seems to follow a similar pattern. I believe it’s the nature of the SAE project. Early on the energy is good as everyone is excited by the concept of the car. There tends to be a dip during the design phase when everyone is focused on getting their parts finished. When manufacturing begins everyone gets a bit of a boost and then problems during testing tend to cause another dip. When you get to competition stage it could go either way and at the moment it’s up. Right now is probably the best it’s been all year.”

At any point this year did you fear not making it to competition with a working car?
“About four weeks ago we had major issues with our clutch and shift system which worried us a bit. It was proving to be really unreliable but thankfully we resolved the problem and now we are looking good to get through without any issues.”

Do you believe this competition will assist you in getting a job when you finish? Which industry would you like to work in?
“Most definitely. I want to work in Motorsport and have already finished an internship with Kelly Racing in the V8 Supercars series. Without this competition I wouldn’t have been able to get experience, so it has really already paid off.”