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Project Description

University: RMIT University Electric
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Fuel type: Electric
Number of Students: 15
Engineering disciplines or other degrees: Mechanical-Aerospace-Manufacturing-Electrical Engineering

RMIT electric’s team leader Alex explained how the team has improved over the past 12 months.

What were the initial goals set out by the team? How are the goals of your team reflected in the design of your car?
“Our main goal was to improve our electrical system to meet the required SAE standards and our own performance targets. In previous years we had identified this area as our weakest link, often missing out on competing in some events. We were able to achieve our targets by gaining more support from the RMIT electrical school, which took some of the stress off our mechanical engineering students”

Have you had to deal with any team conflicts this year?
“We had some conflicts but got through them pretty well. Our team prides itself on being professional and resolving any team issues to make sure we keep the project on track. We have really come together the last few weeks to make up for the lack of numbers we had earlier in the year.”

At any point this year did you fear not making it to competition with a working car?
“Ohh yeah. We intended to have the car finished five weeks ago, but the deadline kept getting pushed further and further back. Three days ago we were concerned that we wouldn’t make it, but we got it running the next day (which was two days ago!). I’m lucky I have one of the best teams around. Even with a lack of experience they have all put in a massive effort to get us here.”

What are you most proud of about your team?
“The way the team has managed to pull together after such a slow and tough start has been fantastic. Im proud of all of the guys.”