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Random Data: Aanalysis and Measurement Procedures

J.S. Bendat & A.G. Piersol (4th Ed.)


Bendat and Piersol’s classic textbook Random Data: Analysis and Measurement Procedures feels like it has been around forever; the first edition was published in 1971 and has been updated and improved over the years with the current edition published in 2010. Random processes occur everywhere around us and their measurement and analysis is an important

The book starts with a clear description of the difference between the types of data (random, deterministic), then continues on with linear systems and random data. Most importantly, the book deals with the various statistical approaches (and their implementation, accuracy, errors, etc.) to manage random data. Other advanced topics such as the Hilbert transform and nonlinear systems are also included.

There is a reason why this book continues to be revised after so many years, it is really one of the best books on random data and can be used to learn new concepts and even serves as a pretty handy reference. This book is mostly used by Mechanical Engineers, but many of these concepts are important in numerous branches of Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering (particularly those related to dynamics and vibration).

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