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Project Description

University: Queensland University
of Technology (QUT)
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Fuel type: Unleaded Petrol (98)
Number of Students: 16 – 50
Engineering disciplines or other degrees: Mechanical engineering, Journalism/Business

We spoke with QUT’s team leader Kirsty, who shared the inner workings of the team and her passion for Motorsport.

How much of a priority is teamwork & team morale?
“Working with a third year car is a big hit to our ego and is something we don’t really want to be doing. Some of the guys have put themselves through hell this year to get the new car going but it didn’t eventuate. Despite this our spirits are pretty high due to our friendship beyond the project. We spend time together going out to dinner after meetings although we always end up talking about Motorsport.”

What is your final year project and how much time have you dedicated to it? How have you spent the rest of your time in this project?
“Organisation is my thing. Contacting sponsors by maintaining relationships with them and keeping them informed is where my time goes. A lot of this is achieved through social media such as Twitter & Instagram. It can be difficult to gain money as most sponsors naturally prefer in-kind sponsorship. We appreciate this kind of donation as much as cash.”

Which industry would you like to work in when you graduate?
“My ultimate gaol is to work in V8 Supercars in a PR or business type of role. This is a great experience and I have learned so much from the team that I couldn’t from any other project. I found out that the Uni had a Motorsport team and joined as quickly as I could. I actually didn’t know the team existed which is now why one of our biggest tasks is to promote the team. Recently our efforts have been recognised by our student guild that operates separately to the university. We won their sports team of the year which is a great boost for all the guys. We are actually doing something educational and not just going out drinking on the weekends.”

What was the first job given to you when you walked into the workshop?
“The first time I meet anyone in the team I went down to a team Barbecue after being invited by a previous team member. I met them and they got me straight on the snags. After that they couldn’t get rid of me.”