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Machine Elements in Mechanical Design

R.L. Mott (5th Ed.)


Machine elements in Mechanical Design

Machine Elements in Mechanical Design provides you with the knowledge and methods required to effectively design mechanical components. The book is divided into three sections. The first section provides a background of the materials used in mechanical design and the various design philosophies used by engineers.

The second section provides a comprehensive guide to designing a complete power transmission system! It includes the design process of all components including gears, belts, shafts, bearings and couplings. The final section presents design methods for the elements not contained in power transmission design such as springs and clutches.

The book is a complete resource as it provides realistic examples with many online and hard copy references with industry used data to assist designers. Mott has created the book specifically for undergraduate students to create original component designs. The language is simple and all formulas and graphs are well explained.

Students studying Mechanical Engineering or any of its sub-disciplines will find this textbook to be relevant and extremely helpful in teaching the science and art of mechanical design.

To see more information about the book, check it out on Amazon.