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Fun fact: Fully 80% of jobs are filled through friends or means other than the standard advertising channels! If your only strategy for getting a job is searching through internet sites for job ads, then you are severely limiting the opportunities that are available to you. As most people will take the path of least resistance when job searching, the competition for internet advertised jobs is enormous. The stiffer the competition, the better your aptitude & experience must be in order to stand out from the other candidates. Try one of the following three approaches that enabled me to get the job I wanted in a very competitive market.

1. Join a society or volunteer your services in relevant industries

Want to meet the key people in your preferred industry? Attend events and join groups that will give you access to these people. Instead of sending them a resume, meeting them in person is 10 times more effective. This opens up all sorts of prospects as you will be privy to job openings before they are advertised in the community, gifting you a clear advantage. Joining a society or participating in events shows your determination & willingness to get involved. It also gives you an indication of what you can expect if you were to work in that industry.

2. Sign up with employment agencies

The single most useful tip I can give to any job seeker is to join up with the best employment agencies in your area. A good employment agent will do all the hard work of getting your name out there and linking you with companies that suit your interests. The best part about this is that most agencies are FREE to join, with the hiring company paying the agents commission for their hard work. Happy days!

3. Ask your classmates and closest friends

Do you know any engineers working in a position that you would want to? Does one of your friends? It is highly likely that someone you know, knows someone who is an engineer working in a good position. Get your name thrown out there and you be prepared for opportunities that may come your way. I have countless friends who helped get jobs for their classmates. In fact I have one classmate who has hired up to 5 people in the same department that he is working in! I hope he asked for a referral commission.