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Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics

R.C. Hibbeler (14th Ed.)


Hibbeler’s Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics covers the basics of motion focused on dynamics, while the other book is on statics. Each chapter begins with a clear definition of the coordinate systems and establishing good analysis procedures to best tackle the problems provided in the book. There is a heavy focus on Free Body Diagram procedure which is very helpful for engineering students who have just commenced their studies.

The first portion of the book focuses on providing equations and very detailed worked examples to explain the different types of motion relating to kinematics. The next section explores the subject of kinetics and how momentum and linear impulse are related. It also provides examples of collisions and many diagrams to clarify each one. The latter part of the book introduces 3D coordinate systems and equations for solving such systems. A brief section on free and damped vibration is also included at the end of the book.

All examples are clear, simple to follow and are complemented with problems and solutions provided at the back of the book to check your answers. It is best to view this text as a study preparation as it provides a format that focuses on equations and a methodical system for solving them. It is not a hardcore dynamics book as it only briefly touches on vibration and does not provide further in-depth concepts related to vibrations.

This is a great book that provides the fundamentals of the statics and dynamics of structures and systems and is great for first and second year Mechanical Engineering students.

To see more information about the book, check it out on Amazon.