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Fundamentals of Thermal Fluid Sciences

Y.A. Cengel, J.M. Turner & R.H. Turner (5th Ed.)


Fundamentals thermal fluid sciences

Looking for a textbook that covers the basics of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics? Then Fundamentals of Thermal Fluid Sciences is for you. The basic laws of thermodynamics are explained and complemented with real life examples. The concept of entropy is introduced and clarified by exploring its uses in real engineering processes. The refrigeration and power cycles are also touched on.

The fundamentals of fluid mechanics including Bernoulli’s equations and an analysis of energy systems are provided to allow an understanding of the more complex topics of pipe flow and flow over bodies (drag & lift). All concepts in this section are well presented using graphs and photographic images.

Another section provides an overview of the three mechanisms of heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation), as well as thermal conductivity. A method for selecting a heat exchanger depending on the application is also touched on.

All sections of the book contain worked examples directly related to the material that is presented in each chapter. There are also multiple practice exercises although no solutions are provided. The chapters are well structured and very easy to follow. The most significant aspect of this book are the unit conversion tables and property charts for all common gases, liquids and metals. This book is great for students and can be used as a reference for practicing engineers.

Students studying Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and some Interdisciplinary Engineering degrees will find this textbook useful.

To see more information about the book, check it out on Amazon.