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Field Support Engineer

Who are they and what do they actually do? The details of Field Support Engineering

Photo credit – US Army Corps (EU), CC

Field Support Engineers are the hands and the feet of any product development process or utility service. Whilst the designers and product development team have crafted their designs and products, the Field Support Engineers are the front line in customer support and diagnosing problems in real time.

They may be confused with technicians who are equally skilled in performing maintenance and basic problem solving, however, Field Support Engineers possess a deeper insight into the working principles of their products/infrastructure and have the ability to provide a greater range of services to the customer.

Cognitive processes and intelligence methods used: Engineers working in field support are very hands on (kinaesthetic). Fundamentally they need excellent interpersonal skills to communicate between the customer and the technical support team in a calm and engaging way.

Skills that are needed to begin in this career path: Depending on the industry some specialised software knowledge may be needed for data acquisition or updating firmware/software. Generally Field Support Engineers need to have a knack for troubleshooting and thinking quickly to be able to control angry clients while thinking clearly enough to find a solution to any problem.

Skills that are developed throughout this career path: As mentioned in the previous point, Field Support Engineers need a basic feel for troubleshooting which then can develop into a highly tuned weapon after dealing with difficult problems in the field. When seen from a global perspective, Engineering is really about creative and effective problem solving. Field Support Engineers are finely tuned in this practice and can diagnose problems with only partial pieces of information. The downside here is that field support is only about fixing current problems and not involved with creating new ways of preventing problems.

Individual or teamwork: Field Support Engineers usually work alone and are frequently travelling to engage with customers face to face.

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