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Project Description

Engineering Skills that you need

Engineering has a universal set of skills that lie beneath the surface of all Engineers regardless of their discipline or industry. These skills are the fundamental building blocks which layer together to form a fundamental core for Engineering work.

  • Analysing problems
  • Basic Maths
  • Conceptualising and visual reasoning
  • Organising thoughts and arguments
  • Managing uncertainty

Analysing problems

Analysing problems is the starting point for all engineering activity. Solving the problem is the mechanism that defines Engineering, and accurate analysis is required before anything can be solved. We could argue that this skill is innate to Engineers and in some way it may be. It can of course be improved upon and crafted like any skill can.

Basic Maths

The term ‘basic’ here may seem unusual given the perception that Engineers have advanced maths skills. The level of maths skill depends heavily on the type of Engineering role that is required. All Engineer’s require a base level ability to describe and manoeuvre within……

Conceptualising & Visual Reasoning

Being able to visualise and conceptualise how something is represented in 3D space is one of the unique skills in Engineering. Its being able to look at that is there and find the ‘missing parts’. This can be considered one of the creative aspects of Engineering.

Organising Thoughts & Arguments

Engineering is inherently based on human logic. Decisions and judgements need to be based in reality and on logic, otherwise it is not Engineering, it is guesswork. Arguments need to be crafted to convince others whether they be co-workers or external stake holders that your decision or action has a strong chance of succeeding.

Managing uncertainty

Managing uncertainty is not only an important Engineering skill but a fundamental life skill. In regards to Engineering, there are many uncertainties that need to be handled especially in the commercial World where costs & timelines are placed under increasing pressure.