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Engineering Manager

Who are they and what do they actually do? The details of Engineering Management

Engineering Managers are the overseer’s of the technical work that is produced in Engineering industry. They are often thought of as no different to other managerial types such as GMs (General Managers) and MDs (Managing Directors). While some of the duties and responsibilities of Engineering managers are the same, an Engineering Manager still has to decide on critical technical decisions especially where safety or high cost is involved even though they are usually not steeped in the technical details of the projects themselves.

In general, an Engineering Manager will find themselves reporting to a Technical Director, particularly if they are working in larger companies. Despite this, it should be noted that these terms can interchanged and be different in various parts of the World.

Cognitive processes and intelligence methods used: An Engineering Manager is primarily functioning using verbal-linguistic and interpersonal methods to plan and communicate within their team and company.

Skills that are needed to begin in this career path: This position requires extensive technical knowledge that has been obtained through both successful and disastrous projects. An Engineering Manager must also have the ability to deal with office politics and will be faced with ethical questions of their work. Many years of experience in industry are usually required before you can be considered for a management position.

Skills that are developed throughout this career path: TBA

Individual or teamwork: While Engineering Managers will make individual decisions, most work to manage their own team within a business and work under a technical director, so teamwork is vital.

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