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Project Description

University: Edith Cowan University (ECU)
Location: Perth, Australia
Fuel type: Unleaded Petrol (98)
Number of Students: 24
Engineering disciplines or other degrees: Mechanical-Manufacturing Engineering

We caught up with team leader and driver Bryce, to discuss his teams chances over the weekend.

What is one example of how you have improved teamwork during the year?
“We all like to have a bit of a laugh and can play up from time to time but when it comes time to work, everyone knuckles down. As far as improving team morale I don’t need to make a concious effort as it naturally happens with these guys. We all get along well and spend time together outside of the workshop which gives us a good break from the workload.”

What are you most proud of about your team?
“How far we have come in such a short time. Despite being a fairly new team, we are aiming for the win this year after a third finish last year. When we are up against teams who have been successful for a number of years, it is satisfying to know that we are now serious competition for these guys.”

Explain how you have applied something you learned in coursework to this project?
“The vast majority of what we learn is relevant and can be applied to some aspect of the car. Whether its maths or engineering design, it always applies to some aspect of the car. Our faculty advisor is a mechanical design lecturer which is very useful for us.”

What does your girlfriend or mum think about this project?
“No one really knows what this is about, all of our parents and friends think we are building an over the top go-kart. There are many people within our university who don’t understand what we do, which is a bit weird to us. At the end of the day though its not about recognition, its about winning.”