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Project Description

University: Curtin University
Location: Perth, Australia
Fuel type: Unleaded Petrol (98)
Number of Students: 15
Engineering disciplines or other degrees: Mechanical-Civil Engineering

We caught up with team leader Michael who told us how the team has fared throughout the year.

How did the year develop for you guys?
“We had some team development issues at the start of the year. Several team members and managers left at the start of the year which slowed us down a little bit. We managed to get the car together quite well though and now we are here.”

What is your final year project and how much time have you dedicated to it? How have you spent the rest of your time in this project?
“My background is civil engineering so I deal with things that don’t move. Before focusing on the team’s budget and finance I was working on the chassis.”

What does yout girlfriend or mum think of the project?
“I don’t have a girlfriend and both of my parents are happy if I am home by 4am. My friends kind of expect that they won’t see me for 6 months or so, unless they come down to uni and visit me.”