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Project Description


Photo credits – legoalbert, CC

Catia is a 2D & 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software package (by Dassault Systemes) that is less commonly used in comparison to similar products on the market (Solidworks, AutoCAD), however it is used extensively in the automotive and related industries. It is not as popular with students due to its steeper learning curve – in particular it has a noticeably more difficult interface. Despite this, it is more powerful than many other products when it comes to surface modelling.

One huge drawback of any CAD software is the huge price tag! The reason for this is that software companies will issue licences for every computer with Catia installed; a necessary pain that most companies will accept due to the greater profits (and cost saving) they can earn through the use of CAD tools.

Catia offers a student licence which gives full access to the program for 5% of the full retail price. However, in order to qualify for this discount you will need to provide a valid student email from a registered University.

View the Catia student edition