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Project Description


Photo credit – Dassault Systemes

Abaqus is a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software package developed by Dassault Systemes commonly used in various disciplines of Engineering. The use of FEA tools has become widespread due to increased computation power and the ability of FEA software packages to simulate incredibly complicated components, structures and systems under a wide variety of situations and loading conditions. Abaqus has a steep learning curve, as with most FEA, and it is best to find some initial step-by-step tutorials to being with. Even so, it can be more difficult to learn than other, more polished, FEA software packages.

The Abaqus software package has different products designed for different applications within its own suite. Abaqus/CAE is used to create models (including assigning loads, boundary conditions, etc.), analysis, job management and result visualisation. The Abaqus/Standard product is used for providing accurate stress solutions in static and low speed dynamics. Abaqus/Explicit is used for transient dynamics and is good for short duration impacts or events. The other main product available is Abaqus/CFD, which is dedicated to the simulation of fluid dynamics and heat transfer and is good for thermal and fluid structural cases.

As mentioned earlier, there is a steep learning curve to any FEA software package. Luckily, Dassault Systemes have their own online 3DS Academy which provides learning materials and resources. There are also many unofficial resources available on the internet from tutorials to guides to writing scripts. Smaller communities also exist for finding assistance with troubleshooting your errors and issues, but it is not as well supported as others.

Abaqus is free to all University educators, researchers and students! All you need to do is apply for a 3DS Academy account.

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