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How To Study Engineering With And Without The Required Grades

The obvious (and not so obvious) ways to get into an engineering course.


Direct Entry

Your pathway to acceptance into an Engineering degree is based on the following criteria:

High School Grades

Your pathway into university depends on which country you will be studying in. Generally, a standard of academic performance at high school is required to gain direct entry into an engineering course.

Entrance Exam

Some universities may require you to sit an entrance exam, such as the SAT’s in the USA, to determine your aptitude and suitability for an engineering course.


In some cases, you may fall short of gaining direct entry. It is possible that an interview process may be undertaken with a university official to state your case for entry into an engineering course.


Alternative Entry

While missing out on acceptance into a course can be a disappointing experience, your dream of a career in engineering is not over yet! With enough perseverance and the following strategies, you can sidestep your way into an engineering degree in no time.

Engineering Diploma

Whilst everyone wishing to become a fully qualified engineer must complete one of the courses described above, direct entry is not the only form of enrolment. Completing a diploma of engineering at a technical college and then transferring into a Bachelor’s degree is a common pathway. Depending upon the discipline, you may qualify for subject exemptions which could take up to a year off the duration of the Bachelor’s degree. This will of course, depend entirely on each university.


There are a limited number of industries that will pay students to study an engineering course while they work. A common example in Australia is the defence force which pays all costs and even a salary for those wishing to study engineering. Once the course has been completed, you will be required to work for the defence force for a specified amount of time (since they paid for you to study).

Whats important to remember if you didn’t get into your preferred course, make sure you check the alternative options available! You may be able to get into your preferred course by sacrificing a year – in the long run you will be much better off!


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