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Engineering Books

In this section we have reviewed many of the most important Engineering textbooks and books that will be vital, useful or just informative and educational for any Engineer. Not only are there reviews of technical books (and textbooks), but also other non-technical books as they can be quite important for any modern Engineer’s education. The high complexity of today’s social and business worlds demand that you gain skills from other fields including the humanities.

Finding cheap textbooks can be a hassle depending on where you are studying. Most universities will provide a service or store where textbooks can be purchased, however this can prove to be an expensive option. Thankfully, there are some services which you can use to find textbooks at reasonable prices. We recommend using e-commerce sites such as Amazon, where brand new copies can be purchased as well as second hand books which are widely available at a cheaper price.

Browse our list below to read reviews on our recommended engineering textbooks to get you started!